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Faculty of Languages & Literatures

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Wissenschaftler und Studierende aus der Fachgruppe Afrikanistik der Universität Bayreuth.

Afrikanistik in Bayreuth is diverse and multifaceted. African Linguistics, Literatures in African Languages, African and Afrophone Philosophies, and African Languages and the Construction of Knowledge complement each other in research and teaching.

The multidisciplinary research on African studies at the University of Bayreuth in close cooperation with the international research the Institute of African Studies in Bayreuth ensures an excellent study and research environment. The English-taught degree programmes include the B.A. and M.A. programmes African Verbal & Visual Arts, which are unique in this form and attract students from all around the world to Bayreuth.

For more information, please visit the website of the University of Bayreuth’s African Studies Department.

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  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Andrew Harvey
    African Languages and the Construction of Knowledge
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Prof. Dr. Clarissa Vierke

Department Chairperson
Phone: 0921 / 55-3550
E-mail: clarissa.vierke@uni-bayreuth.de

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