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Study Programmes

The wide spectrum of courses offered by our Faculty is practice-oriented, particularly on the BA level, and focused on teaching subject-specific as well as interdisciplinary skills. The study programmes are research-oriented, highly internationalized – for example, we offer a number of BA and MA double degrees in cooperation with international partner universities – and characterized by an excellent student/teacher ratio. Several of the programmes dealing with various European as well as non-European languages, literatures, cultures and media are focused on the research of intercultural processes.

You would like to achieve more?

At the University of Bayreuth it is possible for all students to complete supplemental programmes in Data Literacy, Didactics of German as a Second Language, Theatre Didactics or a career-oriented programme in Literary Studies.

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African Verbal and Visual Arts (English)
English and American Studies
German Studies

Intercultural German Studies
Culture & Society

Media Studies
Music Theatre Studies
Theatre & Media

African Verbal and Visual Arts (English)
Computer Game Studies
European Interdisciplinary Master African Studies (English)
Études Francophones: Afriques Multiples (French)

Intercultural Anglophone Studies (English)
Intercultural German Studies
Literature in Cultural Context
Literature and Media

Language – Interaction – Culture
Media Culture and Media Economy
Music and Performance
Opera and Performance

Overview of all possible combinations
Teaching Programme in German
Teaching Programme in English

Didactics of German as a Second Language – supplementary course
Darstellendes Spiel – supplementary course

Data Literacy
Interculturality Research and Intercultural Practice
Intersectionality Studies & Diversity Competencies
German Didactics

Intersectionality Studies & Diversity Competencies
Theater didactics

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