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International Students

We are happy to welcome you to Faculty IV! This website offers you the most important information regarding your studies. ​

Studying in Bayreuth

For the exchange of information and networking, all international students of Faculty IV are invited to register for the e-learning external course "faculty4international - Studiensupport für internationale Studierende (SpLit)".

An overview of Faculty IV’s current courses can be found by accessing the online platform CAMPUSonline or on cmlife (German only) which is also used to register for courses. In addition, the faculty’s course catalogue is published each semester.

Many courses are linked with an e-Learning course of the same name, in which you’ll find more detailed information on the course curriculum as well as teaching materials. The e-Learning platform can be found here.

After studying in Bayreuth

You will need to submit your transcript of records to your home university to have your credits transferred. You can print this via CAMPUSonline (“business card”). If you are using cmlife this transcript of record can be downloaded as a pdf file under "Mein Studium" and then "Bescheinigungen".If you have questions concerning accreditation, you can ask the programme coordinators or the staff of the International Office.

Here is a summary of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding studying in Bayreuth:

Where do I find courses and how do I enrol?Hide

All of the Faculty’s courses offered during a given term can be found by way of the online platform CAMPUSonline or cmlife You will have to register for courses using CAMPUSonline or cmlife by logging in with your student-ID and your password, which is sent to you once you have enrolled.

In addition, the faculty’s course catalogue is published each semester. The current course catalogue can be found here.

Are there special orientation courses for international students?Hide

Yes. We recommend the course

  • “German as an Academic Language and German Cultures of Academia"
    The course is offered as an elective course in the M.A. Intercultural German Studies (4 ECTS). But all international students of the Faculty are free to participate.

More detailed information on this course can be found in CAMPUSonline.

Where can I copy, print and scan?Hide

At Faculty 4 you can print, copy and scan (USB stick required for storage) in room U 0.4 (basement), on the ground floor of the GW I building and in the corridor on the first floor. Otherwise, you can of course print, copy and scan with your campus card at the freely available devices at the other locations.

If you set the "OCR" function for scanning, you can also search your digital documents for words later. You can also switch the language at the devices.

How do I pay my meals in the canteen/cafeteria?Hide

In order to pay in the canteen, you’ll have to load money onto your CampusCard. In the entry area of the canteen, there are vending machines (“Mensaaufwerter”) for this purpose.

As soon as you have loaded your CampusCard with money, you can pay with it at the check-outs of the canteen and the cafeteria. 

I have questions concerning my studies/ exchange programmes/ courses/ food/ life in Bayreuth. Who can I ask?Hide

For all these questions, a wide range of counselling services are available to you at Faculty 4. 

  • For questions about exchange programmes, the choice of courses as well as the accreditation of study achievements, please contact your programme coordinator.

  • For questions about the ERASMUS exchange programme, please contact Prof. Dr. Mühleisen, the ERASMUS representative of the Faculty: susanne.muehleisen@uni-bayreuth.de

  • For general questions about the study (e.g. improvement of time and self-management) please contact Anke Levermann (EduCare Study Support). EduCare also offers regular consultation and workshops to increase your own  study competence. The student representatives SpLit is also a good contact point for questions concerning student life and for networking at Faculty 4.
  • For questions about language courses and language tests (e.g. the DAAD-test), please contact the Language Centre.

  • For questions about academic writing or how to improve your writing skills, please contact the Writing Centre.

  • In addition, as for all international students at the University of Bayreuth, the International Office is available to answer any questions you may have concerning the organization of your stay at the University of Bayreuth. In addition to the list on the website, the many aspects that may be relevant to you have been summarized in a guide for international exchange students. International degree students can find the relevant information here.

Next to my studies, I’d like to do sport at the university. How do I enrol for University Sport courses?Hide

The university offers a number of different sports. You will first need to pay the basic fee of 20 € at one of the terminals (for example in the building of the Central University Administration) using your Campus Card. For some sports, such as ballroom dancing and tennis, there may be additional costs. Information on sports and how to register for courses can be found on the homepage of University Sport (“Allgemeiner Hochschulsport”).

How can I meet and network with other international students?Hide

Apart from the exchange in the courses and in the already mentioned e-learning external course "faculty4international - study support for international students (SpLit)", there are various possibilities to meet and network with other international students.

The International Office, the International Student Network, and Bayreuth’s student associations offer a number of events (e.g. international cultural evenings, the international “Stammtisch”, excursions to Munich, Berlin, etc.):






You have further questions or cannot find the right contact person? Please contact the study support for international students of Faculty IV ("faculty4international").


Dr. Antje Friedrich-Gemkow
Coordinator, Study Support for International Students of Faculty IV ("faculty4international")
Email: antje.friedrich-gemkow@uni-bayreuth.de
or faculty4international@uni-bayreuth.de
Phone: +49 (0)921 55-3527
Office: GW I, Room 1.01
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Webmaster: Dr. Antje Friedrich-Gemkow

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