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International Students

Current Events for Study-Related Orientation for all Enrolled Internatioal Students of Faculty 4:

First Steps into Studying at Faculty 4Links to relevant Webpages / Documents
Step 1: Familiarise yourself with the examination regulations and the corresponding module handbook of your degree programme. Often you will already find a recommendation in the module handbook for the distribution of the required course over the individual semesters.

Overview of Study Programmes
Examination Regulations for Bachelor's Degree Programmes
Examination Regulations for Master's Degree Programmes

Step 2: You now fill the specified modules with courses and thus compile your study plan for the corresponding semester. The courses offered change every semester. A good overview with additional explanations of the respective courses is provided by the annotated course catalogue of Faculty 4. Annotated Course Catalogue of Faculty 4. 

Step 3: In order to participate in the selected courses, you must register for them. There are also registration deadlines for some courses. To register, log into "cmlife" - the administration system for students at the University of Bayreuth. To do this, you need to enter your bt user number and the corresponding password. Once you are logged in, you will also find a built-in help page that offers support in using cmlife.

Login cmlife
cmlife Guide

Step 4: For each course there is usually also an e-learning course. Course materials are made available there and messages are also sent via this. Therefore, register promptly for the corresponding e-learning course in order to stay informed. The link to the e-learning course is usually already given in the course information in cmlife. The e-learning portal of the University of Bayreuth is a separate system. To get access, you have to log in again.

Login E-Learning
Step 5: Register for the e-learning external course "faculty4international - study support for international students (SpLit)" to receive information during your studies, e.g. on services offered by the university, meetings with other international students of Faculty 4 and other study-related information.
E-Learning-external-course "faculty4international - Studiensupport für internationale Studierende (SpLit)"

Here is a summary of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding studying in Bayreuth:

I have technical problems (PC/laptop) that prevent me from studying. Who can help me?Hide
  • All students at the University of Bayreuth can use the laptop consultation service ("Laptopsprechstunde"). On the page you will find instructions on how to set up your student e-mail address on your laptop/PC, for example. Also, how to set up the VPN client you need to access certain university services if you are not on the university network. You can also use Office 365 free of charge during your study period.
  • If you don't know exactly where the problem is, describe it and send your request via the contact form.
Where can I copy, print and scan at Faculty IV?Hide
  •  At Faculty 4, you can print, copy and scan in room U 0.4 (basement), on the ground floor of the GW I building and in the corridor on the ground floor (USB stick required for storage). Otherwise, you can of course also print, copy and scan with your campus card at the freely available devices at the other locations.
  • If you set the "OCR" function for scanning, you can also search your digital documents for words later. The language can also be switched at the devices.
How can I expand my academic skills?Hide
  • The lecturers/ professors in your courses are the first point of contact when it comes, for example, to agreeing on topics and clarifying the framework conditions (e.g. which citation style, word count, essay or term paper).
  • If you want to improve your writing skills or get feedback on your writing projects from trained writing advisors, the Writing Centre of the University of Bayreuth is the right place to go. Every semester, the Writing Centre offers an extensive workshop programme, which you can attend free of charge.
  • For good academic work, you also need good academic sources. The Bayreuth University Library offers a variety of training courses and consultations in which you will learn how to effectively search for material in your subject, how to continue working with it and thus how to make the best use of the library's facilities for your academic projects.
I have stress and exam anxiety. What can I do about it?Hide
  • Under the motto "Working & Studying Healthy", the Health Management of the University of Bayreuth provides an overview page on the topic of "Stress and Exam Anxiety". Here you will find books and videos that can help you cope with stress.
  • Under the keyword "Corona-SOS", the Central Student Counselling Office has also compiled many helpful tips to reduce stress and promote the joy of studying that clearly also apply in a context without Corona regulations.
  • You can also arrange individual consultations with a psychologist via the psychological counselling centre of the Studentenwerk Oberfranken. Psychological counselling is free of charge, unbureaucratic and subject to the obligation of confidentiality.
Whom can I contact with questions about exchange programmes and language courses or general aspects?Hide
  • For questions about exchange programmes, the choice of courses as well as the accreditation of study achievements, please contact your programme coordinator.

  • For questions about the ERASMUS exchange programme, please contact Prof. Dr. Mühleisen, the ERASMUS representative of the Faculty: susanne.muehleisen@uni-bayreuth.de

  • For general questions about the study (e.g. improvement of time and self-management) please contact Anke Nissels (PULS Study Support). PULS also offers regular consultation and workshops to increase your own  study competence. The student representatives SpLit is also a good contact point for questions concerning student life and for networking at Faculty 4.
  • For questions about language courses and language tests (e.g. the DAAD-test), please contact the Language Centre.

  • As for all international students at the University of Bayreuth, the International Office is available to answer any questions you may have concerning the organization of your stay at the University of Bayreuth. The many aspects that may be relevant to you as an international exchange students have been summarized on the following website. International degree students can find the relevant information here.
How can I meet and network with other international students?Hide
  • The International Office, the International Student Network, and Bayreuth’s student associations offer a number of events (e.g. international cultural evenings, the international “Stammtisch”, excursions to Munich, Berlin, etc.):






How can I orient myself professionally and / or find an internship?Hide

The Career Service of the University of Bayreuth offers a comprehensive range of counselling and workshops especially for international students. This offer includes both an individual conversation about personal career options, as well as the joint review of application documents or the simulation of an interview. On the job portal, you can independently search for internships, part-time jobs, etc. that have been reported to the Career Service by various companies. As an orientation and also to get in touch personally, it is also helpful to register with professional networks, such as Linkedin.com, and see what other graduates of your degree programme are doing professionally today.

After Studying in Bayreuth

You will need to submit your transcript of records to your home university to have your credits transferred. You can print this via CAMPUSonline (“business card”). If you are using cmlife this transcript of record can be downloaded as a pdf file under "Mein Studium" and then "Bescheinigungen".If you have questions concerning accreditation, you can ask the programme coordinators or the staff of the International Office.

You have further questions or cannot find the right contact person? Please contact the study support for international students of Faculty IV ("faculty4international").


Coordinator, Study Support for International Students of Faculty IV ("faculty4international")
Email: faculty4international@uni-bayreuth.de
Phone: +49 (0)921 55-3527
Office: GW I, Room 1.01
Office hours

The study support "Faculty4International" is an active member of the advisory network of the University of Bayreuth. The advisory network is the association of all institutions at the University of Bayreuth that advise students. Would you like to learn more about the goals and projects of the network or become a member? You can find all the information you need on the website of the advisory network.

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