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Faculty of Languages & Literatures

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Afrikanistik in Bayreuth is diverse and multifaceted. African Linguistics, Literatures in African Languages, African and Afrophone Philosophies, and African Languages and the Construction of Knowledge complement each other in research and teaching.  ...more

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English and American Studies

Research and teaching in English and American studies in Bayreuth focus on the language varieties, literatures and cultures of the Anglophone world from the 16th century up to the globalized world of the 21st century.  ...more

Arabic and Islamic Studies

The disciplines of Islamic Studies and Arabic Studies address the cultural and philological dimensions of Islamic and Arabic societies past and present; with a strong focus on the Arabic language, they engage with the entire range and diversity of the Islamic and Arabic world.  ...more

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German Studies

Are you interested in German language, literature, and culture? The University of Bayreuth offers you a variety of German Studies programmes, which you can combine with different minors based on your specific interests.  ...more

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Media Studies

Media Studies in Bayreuth links academic fields of research and practical application in the core areas of audio-visual media and computer games. Students learn that an understanding of media is the result of both theoretical reflection and creative practice.  ...more

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Theatre Studies and Musicology

Theatre and music studies are dedicated to performative phenomena and issues in the broadest sense, with a special orientation towards musical topics.  ...more

Studentinnen der Universität Bayreuth sitzen in der Sonne vor dem Audimax und unterhalten sich angeregt.

Romance Studies

Students of Romance Studies in Bayreuth can expect an international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary approach to French linguistics and to French literature and culture. The programme covers the Francophone world, including France, America, Africa, and the Caribbean.  ...more

Research and teaching at the Faculty of Languages & Literatures is interdisciplinary and international, informed by a cultural studies approach and often focused on intercultural processes. The faculty offers a wide spectrum of disciplines, ranging from African Studies, English and American Studies, Arabic and Islamic Studies, German Studies and Romance Studies to Music and Theatre Studies and Media Studies. The faculty’s study programmes are both research-oriented and practice-oriented; they are all characterized by an excellent student/teacher ratio and direct contact to teaching staff.


Diversity is our strength! At our faculty you can study in an interdisciplinary environment embedded in international networks. In our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes we teach students in small groups and thus ensure excellent support.  ...more


The disciplines of the Faculty of Languages & Literatures are engaged in interdisciplinary dialogue in research and teaching and contribute in many ways to the university's research priorities. ...more

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